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Welcome to Skin, Scalp, and Hair Solutions 


     Take your career to the next level by tapping into the clinical side of barbering. Clients face problems on a daily basis that are often overlooked because barbers have not been taught the skills needed for solving these problems. Well, look no further because Hairtrapreneur has the solutions to these problems. Learn exclusive services, treatments, and procedures that will separate you from the average barber/stylists. Learn and obtain special skills that will change your clients lives forever. Gain knowledge on how to boost your clients’ confidence and self-esteem that has been lost due to excessive dandruff, razor bumps, or any other common skin, scalp, and hair issues. YOU have the power to change lives, so take advantage of "YOUR POWER" by reserving your spot to learn about Hairtrapreneur's skin, scalp, and hair solutions.      


Skin | Scalp | Hair Solutions 


Class subjects include:                                


  • 24 Kt. Gold Luxury Facial

  • Sweet Turbinado (Exfoliating Scalp Scrub)

  • Ingrown Hair Extraction

  • 24 Kt. Gold Neck and Chin Therapy 

  • Therapeutic Beard Wash

  • Ultra Essential Bald Therapy

Benefits:     Complete system cost $1200  Introductory offer $995 (Limited time only!)

This class is designed for Professional Barbers interested in placing themselves in an extraordinary position of excellence.

Change your mindset by breaking the generational barber curse of mediocrity and complacency. Simply by adding services to your repertoire treating clients that suffer from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Double or even triple your income behind the chair.

Learn professional dialect, an effective communicative method that will interest the client in a particular service undeniably.


Product kit, poster, and certificate of completion included to start servicing clients immediately upon return to your business.

Class days and times: 3 hours per day for 2 days. Every first Sunday and Monday of each month. 

Deposit: A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your investment. The initial deposit will be deducted from the total class cost. Accepting cash, debit, and all major credit cards.  

If distance or travel is an issue we also offer the option of learning through our Virtual Learning Program. Learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your own home through FaceTime or any other compatible video chat app.  





Can't afford the entire system? Take advantage of our consultation package at a fraction of the cost. Each individual subject is valued at $200. However, with a selection of 3 subjects (2 theory and 1 practical) you will save $150 leaving you with a total cost of $450 (for a limited time only) for 3 complete subjects. These subjects will leave you 10 times more knowledgable than the barber directly next to you, across town from you, or even the next state over.



* 24 Kt Gold Luxury Facial

* Sweet Turbinado

* 24 Kt Gold Neck and Chin Therapy

Therapeutic Beard Wash

* Ultra Essential Bald Therapy  

* T-Outliner Blade Modification




* Work ethic - Have a purpose! Discover and understand YOUR WHY!

Professional Dialect - An effective form of communication that will interest the client in a particular service undeniably.


* Degrees of separation - Separate yourself from the mediocre and average mindsets of other complacent barbers.


* Exercising your full potential - Gain knowledge on being more effective behind and away from the chair.


* Client acquisition - The client that you don't have is the client that you actually need most.


* Client inventory -  Learn how to and why you should keep a list of your entire clientele at all times.


* Price Increase - Raise your prices unapologetically... guarunteed and proven! 


* The five senses - How they are directly related to the protocol of professionalism and affect your business on a daily basis. 


* Time management - Balance yourself, your business, and your lifestyle.


* Marketing and branding - Establish clientele and create a brand.


* Oversaturation - A proven strategy to prevent slow days in your marketplace.

* Strategic price placement - Increase profit margin by strategically combining services.


* Set boundaries Create necessary boundaries to keep your business, as well as your lifestyle balanced. 

Monetization - Turn thoughts and dreams into sources of income.

Automation - Empower clients; hold them accountable for their own actions. 

Deposit: A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your investment. The initial deposit will be deducted from the total class cost. Accepting cash, debit, and all major credit cards.  

For more information contact: Orenthia Evans Phone - 877-342-4787

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